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Special Breeding

Superior Pepsi
* Appraisal Score 88.5% *
(Import Female Owned by Mid America Boerboels)
 bred to...

Landre Max
(A.K.A. Big Red Machine)
* Appraisal Score 87.3% *
(Owned by A N Fick)


Special Breeding

Woeker Tricia
* Appraisal Score 83.5% *
(Import Female Owned by Mid America Boerboels)
 will be bred to...

Elevation Mustang
* Appraisal Score 85.8% *
(Owned by A N Fick)


puppies born 11/11/2020

1 Female available!

Special Breeding

Klopdisselboom Ravaen
* Appraisal Score 82.3% *
(Owned by Mid America Boerboels)
will be bred to...

Eldorado Goliath
* Appraisal Score 92.2%
(Owned by D&K Boerboels)


born 12/2020

1 Female available!

Adopt a puppy and adopt a friend for life with Mid-America Boerboels. 


A true companion will provide you with comfort, love and protection. Mid-America Boerboels can provide you with that friendship in the form of a great South African Boerboel puppy. South African Boerboels, also known as South African mastiffs, are the perfect breed of dog for any home. They make excellent guard dogs, but they are also very family friendly. Boerboels can provide protection without the aggression usually associated with many other breeds of dogs. This makes them the perfect pet for any home with children.


At Mid-America Boerboels, you will find a fantastic selection of South African Boerboel puppies for sale. All of their available pups are in great health, and have been bred to retain all the beautiful features and great personalities that make the breed so protective and friendly. The breeding dogs and the puppies they produce are all top-notch animals, and Mid-America Boerboels’ dogs consistently receive high appraisal scores from NABBA. 


The breeders at Mid-America Boerboels are beautiful dogs with healthy coats that come in a variety of colors. They have even temperaments, and are very affectionate to their owners. Every litter displays these same loving traits, and will become loved members of your family. 


View the latest on current and upcoming litters available for sale below, or contact Mid-America Boerboels today for more information.

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