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A South African Boerboel Breeder makes Mid-America Boerboels an excellent choice to look for Boerboel puppies.  Our female breeders are all in excellent shape and health; each has a beautiful coat and excellent muscles to pass on to their litters.  They are specifically bred for their guard-dog tendencies and obedience; Boerboels are very affectionate towards their owners and love children, making them excellent dogs to have in a family.  Our females carry these wonderful traits, and therefore so will their litters.  Each of our females is given an appraisal score by NABBA, and all of them consistently receive high appraisal scores.  We may have adult Boerboels for sale from time to time. Check back often. Our females are excellent breeding dogs, and litters from any of them will make for excellent dogs.


Import Female

Klopdisselboom Ravaen

NABBA Score 94.1%
SABBS Sore 82.3 %

owned by MidAmerica Boerboels

Import Female
Mes Lizette

NABBA Score 87.4%
SABBS Sore 78.8 %

Import Female
Woeker Tricia

SABBS Score 83.5%

100% Middelpos bred super producer.
Having both Grassland GBT Lofty & PZD Bastron alongside the Middelpos greats

Import Female
Alexander Lolita

SABBS Score 80.3%


Import Female
Bouwer Giselle

Appraisal Score ?%



Import Female
D&K 2nd To None Cinnamon

NABBA Score 89.6%



Import Female
Afrika Maya

SABBA Score 93.1%

now owned by MidAmerica Boerboels


Import Female
Native Jane

NABBA Score 87.7%

SABBS Sore 82.3%

owned by MidAmerica Boerboels


Import Female
Alexander Tankalicious

NABBA Score 90.2%
SABBS Score 80.3%

owned by MidAmerica Boerboels


Import Female
Kirmit Olivia

NABBA Score 92.2%

owned by MidAmerica Boerboels



 Allens Virginia Treasure
Appraisal Score 95.3%
Spitsvuur Madu (95.5%)
Spitsvuur Xilo 2 (95.3%)


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