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What to expect at an appraisal

The Appraisal Day begins with the dog owners announcing the arrival of their dogs for the appraisal venue. At the sign in desk , the owner will submit his/her dog's birth certificate if they have not been appraised previously. The appraisal result will be used for your Boerboels registration. If you are having your dog reappraised, you will need to submit his/her registration paper. Your score may be higher or lower than the last time the dog was appraised. Your dog will retain the higher appraisal score. Your dog will be called out for appraisal in the order it was registered at sign in. The appraisal will be performed with at least one Senior Appraiser in attendance. The Senior Appraiser demonstrates exceptional knowledge of the breed standard for the South African Boerboel. A Senior Appraiser has met all criteria and appraiser requirements.

As you are having your dog appraised, you will hear the Appraiser discussing the various points on your dog and use the words "correct", acceeptable", or "fault". This indicates the ruling they have made on a particular point they are assessing at the time. There are 72 points that are to be assessed on each dog. Each area is given a certain number of points and different areas are weighed more heavily based on their importance. If your dog is "correct" for a particular item then they receive a "+" or "positive" score. If they are "acceptable" for the particular item then they receive a "0" (zero) and if they have a fault on a characteristic, then they receive a "-" (negative) for that characteristic on the appraisal sheet. Your score will be the total of all the numbers assessed to the 72 points of the dog that was appraised.

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