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The South African Boerboel


The Boerboel's distinctive facial characteristics.

The Boerboel is a large dog, with a strong bone structure and well developed muscles. The head appears blocky, but not overdone, with a short length between the stop and nose. It should look impressive, carrying himself with confidence and powerful movement, which should be buoyant, and unencumbered, despite its size. It should be symmetrical and balanced, following the desired proportions for the breed. Males should be markedly bigger than females, there is a distinct sexual dimorphism between the sexes, with the female less prominently developed. This is the standard that we breed for when raising Boerboel Puppies.


The Boerboel is an average shedder and easy to groom. The occasional brushing and a monthly bath and nail trim is all that is needed. The breed has an outer coat that is normally coarse and straight, and an undercoat that is soft and dense.

Its coat is short, dense, smooth, soft, and shiny. Their coat color can be various shades of red, brown, or fawn. Many dogs have a black mask around their mouth that sometimes extends to their eyes and ears.


Boerboels are an intelligent and energetic breed. They are loyal, great with kids and tend to be protective of their family and territory. WE at Mid American Boerboels socialize our puppies from a early age.

They are quite charming when not being lazy, and will not hesitate to defend their loved ones.

The Boerboel also requires training and firm handling from an early age. This is what we strive for in our Boerboel puppies.


Boerboels are generally known for their good health. The average life expectancy is ten years. Our Bourboel Puppies for sale have had the best of care and nutrition before going to their new homes.

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