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Adding a Boerboel Puppy to your Family

The South African Boerboel is a large breed that will go thru phases just as a child will. With the Boerboel obedience training is more or less necessary unless you have the skills and experience to do it yourself. Your dog will need stimulation and exercise. The exercise can be your normal play time and bonding time you spend with him. It doesn't have to be a extreme work out.

And for me the most important thing is, if you have a boerboel you need to realize that it is part of your family. This will take time, money and attention and it will be with you for many years.

These are wonderful dogs but they are not for everyone. We at Mid America Boerboels feel as much as you want one, if you feel your circumstances are not right, then it would be best to wait until those circumstances change. If and when they do and you finally get a Boerboel Puppy, you will be glad you waited until you could offer them what they need to be healthy, happy, and loved.

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